Lots of new people/ need time alone

Really overwhelmed. We have lots of new people in our life. People from church and people from husband's job and people from a support group. All within the last few weeks. Its supposed to be good for us but mostly its overwhelming. The people are nice, good people, that we like (mostly). Its just too much too fast. Don't know how regular people handle all this on a regular basis. Its good to get out and do things. And put yourself out there. Good to know lots of people. We know this. But its so uncomfortable and WAY too overwhelming to have places to go and things to do EVERY weekend. We crave,need,DESPERATELY need, a lot of time alone. There are a lot of us inside here. We have a lot of things we all want to do. Read, play, get on the computer, make crafts, design websites, go for walks, do Tae Bo, watch movies, take naps, play with the pets, go shopping, go to the library, make collages, draw, fingerpaint, play Playstation 2, journal, etc etc etc There isn't enough time in 1 day for us to do the stuff we want. Its helpful to have a lot of time alone and we're not getting it these days which just adds to the stress we're under inside. Too much.

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I understand how overwhelming all this activity can be. But, try to remember how often you were lonely, just aching for a friend. Now you have (potentially) many friends. I guess it's a balancing act, like everything else in life. I hope it gets easier.

Yes definitely we remember. We just need to find a healthy balance somewhere in the middle.

Thank you for the posting site. I have applied for membership. I feel so afraid. I made T take off the DID diagnosis for fear there would be a paper trail. I don't want anyone to know. Especially my children. I am not doing well. I am so afraid. I self injure and I trust no one. thank you for being so kind!

I know exactly what you're going through. Since my son's motorcycle accident 2 months ago, I've had to be around a lot of people constantly. It's such a strain that I hardly know if I'm coming or going.

He'll be released soon from the hospital (with 8 brain injuries) and I'm going to be the one to care for him. I'm pretty scared. I don't think I can do it.

Sometimes we have no choice in what life throws our way. I hope you can figure out a way to get much needed time alone, and to nurture your parts. I hope I can do the same!

I think it's really important to have time for you as well - - for all of you - - though the group stuff sounds great, it is nice if you have some time to do your own things also.

Sounds like things seem overwelming! If these people are really nice I think it will help. I am sorry, I did not introduce myself. I am Maia, this my first post with you but I really had a pull (inside me) to say hi. For some reason I felt connected to you. Hope you are feeling better now. If any you like playing on the computer. Let me know and maybe we can play an online game together.

Hope to talk to you soon.


lol I dont know how that posted twice. It took so long I thought it didnt work. lol

Thank you Maia.

I just wanted to take a min to say I love your family photo's page on your site!!
They were a great idea. No one needs to see a real picture of you, the emotion and feelings are described very well. I respect you and your creativity very much.:-)


Pilgram, what is this thing you're talking about?

Just wondering. Is it a message board? How do we find it?

If you look at the right hand side of this page,in the long blue rectangle, you will see links that say :
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DID Community
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Click on the one that says DID COMMUNITY and that will take you to our message board.

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